Eicflax History

Agri. Eng. Seham M.Abdelbary is the founder of the Egyptian Industrial Center.

Our History

Agri. Eng. Seham M.Abdelbary

In 1963

Agri. Eng. Seham M.Abdelbary who used to work as a sector head of Tanta flax & oil company.
Agri. Eng. Seham Mahmoud Abdelbary

In 1977

Agri. Eng. Seham Mahmoud Abdelbary received her master's degree in Agriculture and Linen has been taught in Egypt and the Netherland.

In 1991

Mr.Essam Elkhol became head of the Delta Textile Company .

About Us

In 1998 : started as a Trading company depending on the wide experience of Agri. Eng. SehamM.abdelbary.

In 2003 : transformation from trading activities to manufacturing Processes for flax hackling.

In 2005 : Increased production rage by adding flax drawing frames.

In 2006 : started flax spool Production.

In 2011 : EGYPTIAN INDUSTRIAL CENTER Started the new Production line through a new factory located also in QUISNA to Produce yarn, twines and ropes .Gradually , EIC got a good expansion in many markets around the world.

In 2013 : started Cottonised Flax Production.

In 2015 : Started the bleaching and dying process in our factory.

In 2019 : new project to improve the quality of our twines by adding new machines such us (JBF) Ball winding.